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We provide a full suite of web services. Whether you're starting from scratch or bringing your website out of the AOL ages - we can help.

Web Design

Today, more than ever, visitors expect responsive web site - meaning it responds to whatever screen or device they are using - whether it's a projector or a phone. Our sites are responsive, fast and reliable.

Site Updating

Small business owners already have a lot on their plates without having to manage and update a web site. Let us bring your site into the 21st century and let you check off that to-do list.

Site Hosting

A web site has to "live" somewhere. That somewhere is called a server and all websites need a home. If you are starting from scratch or are interested in changing your site hosting, we provide fast and reliable hosting solutions that keep your site up and running, day and night.


What can we build for you?


One Page Website - Multipurpose

Business Casual

Full Website - Business

Clean Blog

Full Website - Blog


One Page Website - Multipurpose


One Page Website - Multipurpose


One Page Website - Multipurpose

Landing Page

One Page Website - Multipurpose

Modern Business

Full Website - Business

Stylish Portfolio

One Page Website - Portfolio

Design Process

While we work with companies of any size, we focus on the needs of small businesses and individuals. Running a small business is hard work and your time as an owner is precious. Our process aims to respect your time, while still providing a solution tailored to your specific needs.

  • Step 1


    We'll spend a few minutes understanding who your target audience is and how they'll be using your website.

  • Step 2


    With the understanding of what your site needs to do, we'll establish a design and the content of what will go on your site.

  • Step 3


    Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of your new site, we'll publish it and get you live to the world!

  • Step 4


    The moment a web site is published, it is out of date. We'll work with you to ensure your content is as timeless as possible, but eventually things will change and need to be updated. We have various options to help ensure your site stays up-to-date and fresh so your visitors can feel confident and trust what they are reading.

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Our Team

Right now, Hepp.Solutions is a one-person team. But have plans to grow...

picture of JJ

JJ Hepp

Lead Developer

I am the lead designer and developer at Hepp.Solutions. I spent five years working in a mid-sized distribution company, in a variety of positions: sales, physical distribution, and information systems. After working independently for a year and a stint with a small business in the area, I decided to strike out on my own. Working as a one-man army presents challenges, but it is also extremely rewarding. I look forward to working with you and making your vision available to the online world!

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